The Majlis Asian Society, founded in 1896, is Oxford University’s second oldest student society.


Majlis, in the ancient Persian language, means ‘Assembly.’ We are thus an assembly or gathering of people from all over Asia, be it the sub-continent, the Middle East, Iran and Central Asia, or China and the Far East. We host a number of cultural, political, speaker, sporting and social events throughout the year, open to all students of the University, irrespective of their religion or nationality. Our aim is host a range of events that will be fun, interesting and useful for our members and to promote Asian culture and inter-community interaction. Former members and Presidents include Benazir Bhutto,Manmohan Singh,Indira Gandhi and K.P.S. Menon. Past Speakers and Performers at our events range from Mahatma Gandhi and Ravi Shankar to Panjabi Mc and Juggy D.


Majlis hosts a plethora of social, sporting, cultural and academic events throughout the year. In order to revive our historical reputation as a forum of discussion and debate, this year we aim to host a Speakers Conference. We hope to invite speakers from a range of industries. The aim of the conference is to provide an opportunity for students to hear from successful and prominent Asians in their respective fields.